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Medulin is a important tourist centre, with a large capacity of accommodation. It is located by the Medulin bay between Kamenjak peninsula on the south and Marlera peninsula on the north, 15 km southeast of Pula. Kastelas’s peninsula is separating the bay in the middle. The Romans build their luxury houses there in the Middle Ages. The remains of houses have been found on Vizula’s peninsula. Another architectonic monument is also the church of St. Agnes from 15th century. Chief occupations are farming, fishing and tourism. Protected Medulin Bay is ideal for camping and swimming.

It is lot of concert of classic music in the summer time here. It is about 40 restaurants with typical Croatian food in Medulin. With its six grass football fields, track and field facilities and favourable Mediterranean climate, Medulin represents an ideal training centre for football players and other athletes. In addition, there are facilities for many other sports: tennis, miniature golf, bowling, beach volley; surfing, yachting, horseback riding, diving, water skiing; boats, beach canoes, pedal boats, water scooters, bicycles and motorbikes on rent.


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